The Jakarta election stands out among the others

It’s true that the governor election for Jakarta is the hottest political news in Indonesia today. It stands out among the other elections, due to it affects the capital city of Indonesia, which impacts the future of the country itself. One of the most affecting factors that have made this election to draw so many attentions, is because of the use of social media. Visit to get the most reliable news about the Jakarta election of 2017.

Both of the candidates, Anies and Ahok have used the social media to keep in touch with their supporters. Although the campaign period has ended, they convince the government that they’re not doing it for their campaign, instead just for to stay in touch with the followers on the internet. Unfortunately, there are so many hoaxes out there, so you have to choose your source of news carefully, especially about this hottest event of Jakarta. Share your news wisely, due to some people might be triggered because of the shared hoax news on the internet.