Characteristics of Untrustworthy Umrah Travel Agents

The characteristics of Umrah travel agents which are untrustworthy are important for you to know. This knowledge will help you not choose the wrong travel to provide you the umrah packages 2017. Thus, you will avoid Umrah travel agencies whose services are not good enough or become a victim of fraud as experienced by many Umrah pilgrims. The characteristics are as follows:

– The agent is not listed as an Umrah and Hajj travel agency in the Ministry of Religion.
– It usually offers Umrah packages with very low costs. The Umrah costs offered by this travel agency might even seem unreasonably cheap.
– You should note the account number on the brochure or banner and make sure the account number is of a firm, not individuals
– A credible Umrah travel agent can be seen already by how much it has sent worshipers to the Holy Land.
– You can try to find information and ask people who have used the travel agency that you have found.