Another benefit of online recruitment media style

With online recruitment, such as the services offered by this company, job seekers just sitting at a computer and fill out the data only once. Furthermore, through the data that is stored electronically, job seekers simply press a few buttons or typing a few little things to make the application proposal to various companies that provide jobs to match the capacities, skills, and profession or level of education. Job seekers registered in has prepared a menu for the registration data is very easy to use. For example, he only needs to click on “Register Now” as job seekers and fill in identity information ranging from education, experience, skill and interest in the job selection.

Occupational interest options (3 choices) is one of the facilities that can be utilized to increase the chances that job seekers contacted by a search firm. There are several other advantages as a member that has room status information CV (MyJobs) that they have sent and no information on whether accepted or rejected and information about the schedule of an interview by companies interested in the job seekers. Vice versa, for companies seeking cheap labor, through online recruitment no longer need to advertise in the mass media so as to save costs. Because, after the companies advertising in the mass media, the company usually occupied with the sorting one by one stack of paper application from each applicant. Do not stop there, the staff recruitment will also be contacted by mail or telephone to call the applicant in the interview process.