Connected with Online Travel Agents (OTA)

Despite featuring a reservation of facilities such as group check-in and online check-in, hotel better system connected to an online travel agent so that if bookings are coming in through online travel agents, the staff of the reservation does not need to input manually so that errors in the input reservation can be avoided. Additionally, reservation using Anand System as included into the User-Friendly Hotel System, which the hotel management system is now many users friendly. of course, in addition to easy to use also has integration with some supporting software such as Channel Management, Revenue Management, Online Reputation Solution and others. Hotel Management Software can also help sell unsold rooms through the hotel website or application so last minute booking can be increased at a high price that positively impacts the increase in RevPAR and ARR.

Mobile Hotel Software. In the current era of technology mobile devices has been very widely used, this good software is certainly user-friendly with a mobile device that can be used to serve the guests well as check-in on the go, or booking F & B in the surrounding area of ??the hotel without having to resto. With some of the features already described, already imagine how the hotel system is supposed to work? and how to choose the hotel a good system? so as not to be bothered by the system hoteliers and hotel owners are not disadvantaged because with a good system goes operational would be more efficient.