Hormones as One of the Factors of the Immune System

It is crucial for the immune system to work properly that if it cannot, the system should immediately be treated such as by the consumption of medicines like the one on http://www.somanindonesia.co.id/produk/khasiat-soman. Otherwise, it will be easier for the causes of diseases to attack the body.

There are several factors to influence the function of the immune system and one of them is hormones. At the time before the reproduction, the immune systems of men and women are actually the same, but when it has entered a period of reproduction, the immune systems between both of them are absolutely different. This is due to some of the hormones that are emerging. In some women, it has been produced estrogen hormones that affect the synthesis of IgA and IgG and become more increased. The increased production of IgG and IgA causes women to be more resistant to infections. In men, it has been produced the androgen hormone that is an immunosuppressant that minimizes the risk of the autoimmune disease but did not make it more immune to infections.That is why there are more women that have autoimmune diseases and males more frequently infected.