Deliver the words of Jesus by using social media

The modern era today has given us so many opportunities to spread the words of peace. The importance of the holy spirit has told us about many great things that we can achieve in humanity together. However, the old and conventional method can no longer reach some people’s, heart. That’s why it will be a good idea to choose the new and more modern way to deliver the message of ?the importance of the holy spirit trough the social media.

Visit the bold gospel website might be able to give you some revelations about this new method. There may be some orthodox people who are not going to agree with this kind of method. However, we believe as along as we’re doing it with the good intention to save the people who’ve trapped in the darkness, showing the light is necessary if you really want to become a true follower of Jesus, even if it means that you should try a new approach and in this case is by using the social media. Let your facebook become more than just a status or photo page, and it will be able to help the people to see the light from Jesus.