Know The Meaning Of SERP, Keyword and Links

For those of you who want to use SEO services, you can visit our website and get out of the best seo services singapore. Get also offers various packages we offer to you and your online business. However, before that, it’s good to know some of the terms contained in this SEO.

SERP stands for Search Engine Results Page. SERP is something that you can when typing a question or words in the search engines. Basically, this is a page of results when you search on search engines. SERP is a term in SEO that you will frequently hear the future.

– Keyword
Keyword is a term widely used in SEO. A keyword phrase is a group of words that give an example of a brand, be it products or services. Keywords are crucial because they can help the user and the search engines to find out an explanation/description on the web page better. By using related keywords in the title tag, headline and the entire contents of your content can help search engines to get an overview of your pages. You should be careful in using keywords, do not overdo it because it can damage your website’s rankings.

– Links
There are two types of links that you will hear in conversations about SEO. Internal and external. Internal links are links that appear between pages on your website. For example, all the links in the navigation of your website is an internal link. While external links are links that come in or go out of your website, either from someone who has the link to your website or you have links to other people’s websites.

The second structure is an important link, but the links coming into your website is considered as a signal of authority, it means the link can improve the ranking of your pages. The best way to take benefit of links is to prepare and facilitate the structure of internal links, so the user and the search engines can easily find your page. In a nutshell is that you must make every page of your website can be accessed by users with just two clicks away from the homepage. For external links, it would be better to create good content that users want to connect with their website.