Several Types of Knives

A knife would be a major requirement when cooking as there are many functions of it like for chopping spices, vegetables, cut meat, bones, or even making decorations. But apparently, almost each of those functions requires a different kind of knives so that there are so many kinds of kitchen knives. Thus, when looking for a knife to buy, you should know first what it will be used for and then you also need to know types of knives; some of the types of knives, then, are as follows:

1. Multipurpose Knife – Chef’s Knife

The shape of this knife is not too big, not too small either. Fit in the hand. It turns out this knife named Chef’s Knife or multipurpose knife. It is really suitable for slicing, chopping, peeling, and cracking garlic or pepper. The chef’s knife can also be used to cut meat bones, but it might a little hard for this function and need extra energy. Because of this versatile function, the chef’s knife becomes mandatory to have in every kitchen.

2. Knife Slice – Slicing Knife

A slicing knife does have a similar shape with a chef’s knife that you should be able to differentiate them. However, its function is to shredding. The size and length of the blade is thin and sharp. If you want super thin slices of meat, you can choose this type knife. Not just thin, by using a slicing knife, a slice of meat will also look super neat. Additionally, slicing knife can also be used for slicing food ingredients such as garlic, onion, tomato, or to peel the rind. To take a look at some good and useful reviews on slicing knives, you can go to the website of Cut it Fine.

3. Large Knife – Cleaver Knife

You can choose thin kind of knives if you want to chop up, for example, minced meat, vegetables, or cut the meat bones. It has a square shape, large, a hefty weight and a sturdy handle. Usually, it is called by the name of a machete blade.